April 1st. Life seems a blur with how fast time passes.

Even if this feels like the best time of the year, coming out of fun in the snow and heading into fun in the sun, the laps click along.

Spent some of the morning updating the f/go shooting event calendar. Ultimate Player’s Association disk Westerns are in Seattle this spring. Would love to figure out a way to make that happen. Velodrome season’s already well started out in California and it won’t be long here in Minnesota before the sound of those wheels rolling across the wood slatted banks will echo. And of course there’s baseball, track & field, rugby and all the regular sporting events with their calendar reminders popping up.

This entry will be a quick one for today. Wanted to post this image I was working on for my photo class. A composition from the previously posted shot that I believe captures the beauty of motion I witnessed and even for a few moments experienced skiing last weekend. Might do more with it, or just leave it as is. Was a good exercise in learning some new techniques on PhotoShop.

While I’m a bit sad to see the ski season end, I’ll just keep focused on the present and future. And hope I can keep life’s blur behind me.

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