With about 20 pounds of camera equipment strapped over my shoulder, I trudged up the back stairway and through the back halls to the media box at Canterbury Downs. We shot from the restricted area aside the racetrack. We climbed to the rooftop. It was a field trip of a different kind. The three of us, photo students, and our instructor, Carlos Gonzalez were here at the thoroughbred race track. We were here to shoot athletes. We were here to shoot horses.

This was a weekend sports photography workshop offered by the Mpls Photo Center. Two six hour days of getting firsthand knowledge from a premier sports photographer who works for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, shoots professional sports like the Minnesota Vikings and Twins, and the Olympics was fantastic. Understanding the approach and work flow from Carlos; well let‘s just say we were getting it straight from the horses mouth.

Carlos offered us an unbridled perspectives. And fellow students Wally and Greg appreciated the opportunity to share our passion for sports and photography. We knew this was a treasured opportunity to get firsthand knowledge. We weren‘t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Seeing how Carlos reviewed our photos, from framing our shots, foreground-background separation, cropping, and color correction, as well as reviewing the inventory of gadgets and equipment; may I say it had me seeing a horse of a different color.

Ney, I would have never expected to learn so much from shooting horses.

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