This past week I had a special opportunity to photograph the best college hockey players in the nation at the 2011 Frozen Four championships. Wow. 

I got to shoot the event because I was credentialed by Southcreek Global Media, a company where you have to be referred by a fellow photographer to get reviewed and if you get approved you have the opportunity to shoot events under their name. The shots get uploaded to their distribution system. If they get purchased by national or international clients, such as media outlets and companies, I get paid. If nothing sells, I don’t get anything. So it’s speculative, but a pretty good risk factor for someone like me who needs to have a means of access to big time events and distribution network to get the shots into the marketplace. As a result of this relationship, I don’t sell the images directly. I can show my photos but only with the Southcreek watermark (except for the first one. SCG is not interested in non-standard sized images.)

The night before the event, I shot some photos of the exterior of the Xcel Energy Center, the venue for this pinacle of college hockey sport. It’s a great venue in that it’s where each year in Minnesota, “The State of Hockey” it’s where the state high school hockey championships are held. Lots of hockey dreams are associated with this place.  

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