In my last post, I included an image of a spinning “big ring” bike sprocket. It was one of two images I felt pretty good about to submit for my lighting class. I sent and posted the images around to friends whose tastes I value, other photographers and finally to my instructor. They all picked the other image. The image I’m including in this post.


Sometimes I feel like my taste must really suck.

Actually, I find myself often challenged between determining what’s good. I post lots and lots of pictures on my f/go site, almost 60,000 since February 2008, and I still find myself almost fascinated by the images that show the most traffic or are voted as favorites. Am I that much out of touch with what’s considered good? And who is to judge what’s good, better or best?

Personally, I find myself most attracted to what I don’t think I can do or something I’ve never seen before. Some might call that attention deficit, others some Freudian complex.  But I prefer to call it open-minded. But being open minded does make it more difficult at times to judge what’s better than another.

So I leave it to others to be the judge of my work. I know there are things I like about some of the work I do, but the target keeps moving, advancing, just a beyond what I can attain. And that’s okay. It keeps me striving, still hungry and in pursuit. I won’t ever be judge of the journey I get to enjoy, followed through my cameras lens.

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