USA Ultimate National Championships in Frisco, Texas shed some light on covering amateur sports

When photographing, everything constantly changes, evolves, moves. The subject. Light. Perceptions and what‘s viewed through the viewfinder. Photography is dynamic. And selecting just when and where to focus and frame and fire the shutter button to create what will hopefully become an intriguing, insightful, or entertaining shot is an alignment of lots and lots of stuff.

Then, it seems, so is this blog. f/go Rambler is a written expression of what I‘m experiencing. It‘s a snapshot in time. So what‘s up? Did nothing happen since June 26, 2013, the date of the last post? Actually, no. Or I mean, yes, something did happen. Like the invisible click of the shutter, the time flew by in the blink of an eye. Data in numbers and photos to tell what happened since last June, including publishing more than 5,000 photos and traveling to dozens of places across the U.S. and Canada. As a result, more than 1.2 million photos were viewed and several published in national and regional magazines and publications, including Outside magazine. And despite not publishing an updated blog in 10 months, f/go Rambler was still read more than 100 times per month.

But no blog posts published in 10 months? Come on.

Refocus. Time to Refocus is now. It‘s become painfully apparent this week that I need to refocus some efforts on, not just shooting but also, communicating the f/go brand. What it is and why.

The impetus is that this week, for the second time in as many years, the world governing body that manages the sport of ultimate is saying that I may not sell photos taken at world championship events. They think I‘m a commercial photographer. Maybe they think I‘m out to make millions and take advantage of them. Last year they said i had to pay $500 to sell photos. That‘s tough, because I don‘t come anywhere near selling $500 in photos from events like this. And that would be tough because if I was a business person, I‘d have to add $500 to my cost of sales, in addition to travel, meals and lodging. Oh, did I mention I‘m already giving the photos to the organization for their use?

Minneapolis’ Drag ‘N Thrust celebrates another championship

Refocus on Communicating Purpose

Just like doing the Tango, it takes two to communicate. So, I am reminded that it is important to both listen carefully as well as express myself clearly to avoid a failure to communicate. With regards to the message I, with my skills, tools and talents, wish to send is: f/go is an online media entity focused building communities around active lifestyles around amateur athletics and sport.

We believe when we all come together to build communities around active healthy lifestyles, we all win! f/go‘s focus is on two general key youth and adult markets:

1. Urban high school sports, encouraging healthy behaviors and attitudes and supportive inclusive communities that build and encourage self-confidence, respect and a sense of belonging to something bigger. It‘s an important connection point to engage youth and where lifelong healthy and active lifestyles begin.

2. Adult enthusiasts, engaged in athletics and sport where a range of abilities matters less than living a balanced life, where incorporating sport, fitness, athletics and play are valued and incorporated into daily life.

f/go is focused on amateur athletes on the go because we believe when we are engaged in an active and healthy life, we surround ourselves and share with others the joy of living, positive spirit and camaraderie unique to sport.

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