A circle

A symbol of unity

Strength bound as one

A wholehearted community

Ngando, Githurai, Majengo, Kibera

Life in places so hard to comprehend

We focus on education

And supporting those needs to their end

Kibera, a nearby Nairobi slum to th neighborhoods served by Friends of Ngong Road, is home to more than one million people.


Friends of Ngong Road

We share the vision

Our support carries the load


Yes, we’ve agreed

It’s solving the problem

Helping students succeed

Children grow

Their challenges complex

From preschool to graduation

We prepare for what’s next

Financial, management and leadership

Friends of Ngong Road does provide

For Ngong Road Children Association

It’s kept them in stride

Ngong Road Children’s Association staff in Nairobi

Gatherings, newsletters, emails and reports

We all keep in touch

Letters and visits

They all mean so much

We share in the experience

We share in the joy

To give is to receive

Man, woman, girl and boy

Sponsorships are treasured

Though they cover just 50 percent

For the rest we appeal annually

To support our mission and what it’s meant

Such a big difference we’ve made

We see it in their eyes

The children of Ngong Road

They’re thankful and work for the prize

A Friends of Ngong Rod sponsored student at home with his family

As we appeal again this year

We are blessed with an offer

“Raise $40,000 from Friends

And we’ll match what’s in the coffer!”

So, we come full circle

To help us reach our goal’s ends

We ask for your support

Our Friends, our Dear Circle of Friends

Ngong Road Children’s Association Case managers provide ongoing support to students in their life’s journey.

Friends of Ngong Road is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based 501(c)3 non-profit that supports operations of Ngong Road Children Association in Nairobi, Kenya. The mission of Friends of Ngong Road is to provide education and support for Nairobi children living in poverty whose families are affected by HIV/AIDS so they can transform their lives. Friends of Ngong Road pairs each sponsor with a specific child, allowing a mutually beneficial relationship to develop.

For information, visit Friends of Ngong Road, Facebook and Twitter

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