After having a blog named f/go Rambler, I get it. I’m pathetic, I recognize at the science of blogging. I feel good about the art side of blogging. But the science side? There’s no doubt that there lacks frequency, discipline, frequency and, oh did I mention, frequency.

It’s easy to understand why. First, there are amazing channels of conversation in so many, many many (shall I go on?) ways these days. So the first matter is about capacity. Or distraction?

It’s the balance of deep versus wide, quality versus quantity, good versus evil. Whoa, strike the third one. Leave that for the other channels. Let me add a third one: constructive versus destructive.

It is without doubt that I am not the first, and please help me, not the last, to notice the role of all of us in this explosion of . . . do I call it . . . media, or is it social media, or who cares which any more?

I have long wished to be a member of the media. In high school, I was the sports editor of our school newspaper. We must have had about 1,500 potential readers. That is, based on my class of being about 525, and my brother Scott having to read (and pronounce) all the names in the graduating ceremony. Thanks to our dad, the original rebel, we hosted a house party the night before that got busted by 10 police cars including (based on my walk down the street while the shit was going down) two sheriffs and a state patrol car. Cool party, huh? Scott had a little leeway in how he would, or could, pronounce every one’s name at the graduation ceremony because frankly he already said hi to them the previous night — okay, temporary dream state fantasy that might be pretty true.


So apparently, based on what was just written, I maybe shouldn’t blog too much.


But writing, as is photography, can be such a rewarding expression. And to the point that anyone reads what I’ve written (and frankly who cares if anyone agrees or disagrees, but I do enjoy learning what others are thinking, for how else do we grow?) is received as  “positive reinforcement.” Wait, is that why Donald Trump is enjoying where he sits at the moment? Better rethink that logic. But the fact is, when there is an audience, it makes me want to try harder. To dig deeper. To become more interested in the more interesting. And to somehow hopefully express something that is in some way both interesting and informative.

So now you know why my failure is in, oh did I mention, frequency?

One of the first steps I took, with the willing encouragement of friends, informed and technically and creatively capable resources, and people who help keep me striving to be healthy, wealthy and wise, was to create the Steve Kotvis Photography logo and web site. Mind you, approaching professional friends with a professional ask for their time and talents is a big responsibility. That is, you know and like them from what you know, but let’s face it, it is so personality driven once you are within a network of wonderful people. My wonderful network of people is pretty small, but that’s what comes back to quality over quantity. So, thank you Paul Schupanitz for his design insights, experience and skills. He will only permit me to pay him in beers, and for that I am eternally grateful, both in costs (I knew what I was in for), and for the time we get to spend together both in bike and beer.

And thanks you to Ryan and Mandy of Clever, though I am never quite sure which of them is clever versus clever because they both seem to be that way. But it is Ryan who I know via Morgan of Balance Fitness, who keeps me strong, flexible and most importantly balanced in my life’s journeys.

So, if this post contributes constructive to frequency, then great. But if was anything less. Didn’t mean to waste your time or mine. But it jumpstarts me to write of some upcoming travels that I look to be experiencial!

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