In 2015, I took a lot of photos and created some videos too. A busy year, where on f/go  some 9,742 images were published and about 7.5 million photos were viewed. I launched Steve Kotvis Photo where I hope to have a place for the non-sports images and projects.

Best of 2015;  but what does it mean to be “best?” Surely in sport, there is often a clear winner; those who score the most points, records the fastest time. Even in sports where scores have a subjective element, like gymnastics or Spirit awards in ultimate, a point system is involved.

So too in looking at photos of 2015, this is the first of a series of blogs I’ll publish over the the next few days to showcase what came out on top for 2015. (yes, I’d love to spare you with drawing things out and place them all in a single blog. But I fear that would actually be patterned after our family’s annual Christmas card —- or in other words, it wouldn’t get published for another couple of months.)


How confusing. The most popular photo of 2015 is an image taken in December of last year. Viewed almost 20,000 times (19,898 as of today’s count), this of a Minneapolis Southwest Gymnast is the most viewed f/go image of 2015 . It fits much of what I strive for in photography; balance, simplicity, appealing lines and form. It looks to me as peaceful and calm, almost a beautiful scripted letter of an alphabet that symbolizes a flower.



How interesting. The second most popular photo in f/go is an image from another high school sporting event, this one Minneapolis North basketball player whose form I can’t help but also see as a symbol, but this is full of energy and excitement. It looks like it represents an exclamation point! This image was taken in a packed house, very exciting matchup between Minneapolis North and Minneapolis Washburn, and was viewed nearly 11,000 times in 2015.



How enlightening. The third most popular photo viewed on f/go in 2015 was taken at another gymnastics meet, the Minneapolis Southwest Gymnastics Team . This image was viewed more than 8,000 times. And it is enlightening because it is not what I would ever pick out as a very special picture. Not an athletic act. No real composition. Just a casual snapshot of teammates lining up before being introduced as a team before a meet. Enlightening too maybe because it may show something behind the photo that drives its popularity. Recognize the team member with the nice smile and wave? It’s the flower from above in her patch.

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