Ultimate. It’s no reach to see that I love to shoot it. Since 2008, I’ve been able to cover games at state, national and world championships at all levels, youth, high school, club, and this year professional. I agreed to cover a number of games for Minnesota Wind Chill between May and July this year, largely because of several of the players I’ve come to know who play for Minneapolis Drag ‘N Thrust and some familiar faces I got to know from shooting high school national tourneys years back.

"Sunset Stretch" my favorite pro ultimate shot of 2015
“Sunset Stretch” my favorite pro ultimate shot of 2015

The top shot for 2015 has got to be “Sunset Stretch” above by Madison Radicals v Minnesota Wind Chill in June. It was just one of those shots where as a photographer you do everything you can to see the opportunity of a beautiful background, get in the right position (as usual) on my belly, frame the shot with the branded end zone pylon, reset to wide aperture to get best depth of field possible in low light — and then — hope. The first thing I did when getting this shot was to pop up and thank the player for catching the disk. If not for the beautiful catch, this would just be another pretty sunset.


Getting horizontal is always a beautiful thing in ultimate. Some are caught and others not. But we don’t need spoil the dream that a nice image delivers.

Here’s a beauty at the Cincinnati Revolution v Minnesota Wind Chill
And one from the Detroit Mechanix at Minnesota Wind Chill in July


And if you are not going to respect the tenacity of a tough defense, then you might as well, well, watch Frisbee Golf.

Chicago Wild Fire v Minnesota Wind Chill
Chicago Wild Fire v Minnesota Wind Chill
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds v Minnesota Wind Chill
Pittsburgh Thunderbirds v Minnesota Wind Chill

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