business-257911_1920How is it I wake up a 3am with the word “intersections” come to mind? Sure 3am is “in the middle” of the night. Three hours earlier was yesterday and 3 hours later is the typical start of a new day. But today is scheduled to be an early start. Alarm set for 4:30, anticipating travel to other intersections.

As I sit here writing, I hear and watch the lights of a snowplow roll by. Glad to know the street intersections that pave the way out to the airport may be clear for travel.

cartagena-179652_1920 cartagena-220531_1920Cartagena, Colombia is today’s travel destination. The intersection between ancient and modern, it is virtually located on the isthmus that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, in that Panama was once a province of Colombia. Its canal serves as an intersection between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the east and the west.

colombia-153342_1280Likewise, at 10 degrees from the equator, the city practically, and much of its country sits on the equator, the intersection between globe’s northern and southern hemispheres. And how oxymoronic that Cartagena is in South American continent but north of the equator. And that our view of the Caribbean will be westward.

snowfall-16318_1920sunset-64123_1920Tonight’s sunset of warmth will be an intersecting contrast to our morning’s sunrise that reveals our season’s first substantial snowfall of the winter season.

lens-933351_1280And the trip is full of anticipation of an intersection of several generations and cultures. To celebrate the intersection of the past year with the aspirations of the year to come.

But that will unfold as we approach this intersection of time and space. At least I know the camera gear is packed. Small gear for this trip. A mirrorless M3 system with just two small lens in sharp contrast to the bulky load of multiple 1DX’s etc. used for sports photography. And a shift in mindset. An intersection from sports to travel photography. And shooting while having fun with lots of others. The intersection of socializing and shooting. That’s the challenge. But I think I’m up to it.

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