Clop, clop. Clop, clop.


Horse drawn carriages prance past the front window of Casa Maria, our home for this new years holiday. It is a beautiful home in within the Walled City. The walls used to serve as fortification from invading conquerors. Today, it serve as fortification for vacation, a party center. Everything we would want in a vacation spot is here. Restaurants, bars, shops, beautiful architecture – one building posting year mark of 1580, and people, all with smiles and celebration pasted on their faces.

Clop, clop. Clop clop.


Case Maria is just around the corner from San Diego park, where the Convent of the Nuns of the Order of Saint Clare first settled. The nuns apparently lost control because today, those who visit the area are enjoying entertainment and ambiance that I don’t think the nuns would have ever imagined, much less lived.

It’s almost like the forts are defending the past from the future.


Beyond the walled city, there are other great spots too. Most of them dedicated to the defense of the ancient city, making today’s modern city possible.  20151231-Cartagena-0044

The gang’s all here. At least everyone except our host Cris (Maria Cristina) and her family members who didn’t need to be on a tour of their own town, Cartenga of the Indies. After all, Cris’ grandfather was once mayor of the city and she told me she wishes to perhaps someday become mayor.

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