20160226-0001-Seattle Seahawk-2Awoke to a pleasant surprise from a visitor this morning in Seattle overlooking Puget Sound’s Elliot Bay. Being new to the area, I guessed maybe this was a member of the Seattle Seahawks. So I figured this was a unique opportunity to do a photo shoot of a local celebrity, and asked if it was okay if I took a few shots.

20160226-0002-Seattle Seahawk

He turned and looked at me straight in the eye. It looked like a go. But he did’t seem too talkative, so I wasn’t going to push too hard. Just wasn’t sure how long I’d keep his attention. And not being from here, I’m not so familiar with the team. So I figured I’d keep my questions light and hopefully engaging.

“So I gather you play football for Seahawks. What position do you play?” 

20160226-0005-Seattle Seahawk

He paused, seemed to be contemplating a thoughtful answer. But then just shifted his glance.

20160226-0013-Seattle Seahawk

I figured, oh, you play both sides of the ball.

A gull flew by and I couldn’t help but ask, “Do you like and hangout with your teammates during the offseason?”  

20160226-0037-Seattle Seahawk

Again, he was thoughtful before responding.

20160226-0051-Seattle Seahawk

Apparently, and of course. That depends upon which teammate we’re talking about.

20160226-0040-Seattle Seahawk 20160226-0003-Seattle Seahawk

I was becoming concerned that my questions were too simple and perhaps annoying.  So I asked, “What do you like to do in the off-season?”

20160226-0022-Seattle Seahawk

Oh this got him singing. Seattle is a great place for music.

And speaking of songs and sounds, I couldn’t help but ask about the other Seattle football team in town, the Seattle Sounders.

“I understand the MLS season starts in just about a week. Will you be watching?

20160226-0053-Seattle Seahawk

This seemed to set him off. 20160226-0054-Seattle Seahawk 20160226-0055-Seattle Seahawk 20160226-0056-Seattle Seahawk

Well, it was a good photo shoot while it lasted.


* I was just informed by my friends at the West Seattle Blog that this is in fact, not a Sea Hawk, but rather a Great Blue Herron. Kind of busts up my story. So let’s just call it “creative” writing instead of “journalism.” 🙂


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