All this stuff will soon see its way into a separately branded web site. I even have a logo for it. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the concept. It’s important to define it. After all,


“There is nothing worse that a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.” 

– Ansel Adams

 Still . . .  A word with so many meanings. Without hesitation, a chuckle and clinking some pints with my fellow blokes who convive at our neighborhood watering hole might respond, “Still? As in distill?” Sure. Cheers. Other definitions of still might also apply, as in to continue, furthermore. But still, I’m not suggesting being inert or at rest. There’s just so much more to see and do.
Passenger Pigeon Photo

Still, as it relates to photography, it’s the magic of a single image. Freezing a single instant in the heat of ever-flowing time.

(*This was written a few years ago, but never published the draft and lost the date when migrating it from Blogger to this site. But other than referring to f/go’s old tagline, it still seems as relevant today.)

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