20160410 - SKP-BlogFile_000(4)© 2016 Steve Kotvis, f-go (www.f-go.us)Beach life. Not sure exactly what, but there’s something special about people drawn to where land meets water. Maybe it’s because like our relationships with ourselves and others, its edge is ever-changing. Shifting.

On the best of days, the edge is a smooth transition between what is known, on what feels like terra ferma, ground, and that which flows in the beyond. What’s out there glows when the sun reflects the warmth its springtime glow. But where we can only imagine, try to understand, attempt to navigate, knowing what its below may be cold and deep and dangerous. We can only hope to not enter it recklessly. For it can sink us, like a rock that drops after its momentum from being skipped looses its flight of velocity.

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