For another year, more there were more than 1.33 million f/go photo views on f/go. Photo views are akin to “hits” in that the figure represents how many photo files were clicked. Understandably, that’s down from previous “non-Covid-19” years. Just like all of you, we didn’t get out as much as we wished we could be.

This blog will share a number of insights from the past year, starting with his is the first one.

23 May 2021: Most viewed gallery of the year

2021 Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet

It was the first event covered in 2021. And it was just two days before the world learned the name George Floyd.

Springtime! Every springtime in Minneapolis is a spectacular place to be. Celebrating the big thaw of 2021 was amplified with the belief that we were going to be able to crack open from our Covid-19 isolation pods. And what better place to experience this than in the city’s urban forest of Theodore Wirth Park at the annual CityTrail Loppet. Trail runners bounced with springs in their steps and smiles on their faces. Hope! Joy! Warmth!

I joined in those sentiments. It was the first sporting event I shot since October 2020. Seven months of not shooting made me wonder about my own muscle memory of photographing. I even questioned if people would remember f/go, that we were there wanting to build community around the spirit of sport. And you know what? They did. This gallery generated almost 60,000 photo views, the top f/go photo gallery of 2021. The start of 2021 was finally here, with a sense of bright days ahead.

Two days later, the whole world turned to see a Minneapolis. A Minneapolis that regretably some live each day. A Minneapolis that too many of us have failed to see for too long. I hope it’s springtime in Minneapolis to expand our exercise for what ails us.

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