I grew up blocks from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Greek Orthodox church in Milwaukee. My dad had a friend who was an architect. I loved my drafting, engineering drawing and architectural drawing classes in high school. I hated my designs because I didn’t have enough sense of myself and the conceptual foundation of what I wanted to design. So I thought I’d try to become a bridge designer when I jointed the U.S. Air Force out of high school. Their tests said, don’t bother. You’re going to be a pharmacy tech instead. And when I got out and went to grad school, I realized my social psychology degree was going to focus on social work and in the physical and economic sense city and regional planning. So that’s as close to architecture I was going get, a masters degree in the school of architecture at The Ohio State University. That and a roommate and several architect friends to whom I have often gravitated to for their perspective on form and function.

Back in my early days of photographing with film, I used to shoot a lot of buildings. But the more I soot, the more I realize that architecture is beautiful, but humans bring life to buildings, they bring scale, energy and interest. So, the architecture gallery is quite slim for now. Perhaps saving a room in the web sire gallery will provide reason to fill it. For now, I’ll place some urban landscape shots.