Let’s try this again, again.

It started more than 10 years ago with a blog called f/go Rambler. I posted in one place, but that host closed. Then to another that still sits here (that won’t let me access to shut down, so I just migrated the posts to this site an it just exists in the cyber wasteland). And then I had my work on an Exposure site and there it seemed to do quite well, with tens of thousands of views. But I don’t want to have (or pay for) multiple sites, so all the blog posts are finally now here.

Blogging, for me, is just another way to tell some stories. Another creative outlet. At its core, I hope it is an account about the process of learning to see, observe, photograph, relate, and tell some stories.

Navigation Tip: The most recent posts are shown when you hover over Podcasts in the top banner. And to see all the posts, go to the right top with the three lines, click on that, and see an archive list of all the posts sorted by date.

It took a couple weeks migrating the blogs and now it’s time I’m I look forward begin to writing again.

Special shutout Ryan Huffman who initially set up this WordPress site and optimistically believed I might figure the rest out) and to Paul Schupanitz for his design insights, experience, skills and support throughout. He created the logo for Steve Kotvis Photography and Illumini. He will only permit me to pay him in beers, and for that I am eternally grateful, both in costs (I knew what I was in for), and for the time we get to spend together both in creating, and bike and beer.