Scouting an Event is an Event of the Present

Scouting an event, especially when it is one that covers mile of territory, can be one of the most challenging chores. That is, if you have the luxury of time, access, and in best case, same time of day conditions.  I have the CityTail Loppet coming up tomorrow morning, and […]

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Discovering Georgetown (the one in the other Washington)

Took a bike stroll down to Georgetown, on good advice last night. On a stunning spring Seattle Friday afternoon, I ventured south along the Duwamish Bike Trail that snakes the Duwamish River. Navigationally, this river is one of several waterways in the area that create both natural paths, and potential barriers. If you want to […]

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Wheels go round in circles. Don’t let the sound of yours drive you crazy.

I can’t explain why some songs keep coming back to mind, years and years after I’m stumped that they haven’t yet been replaced by everything else that passes through our senses and packs our brains with memories. I also can’t seem to replace the mistaken lyrics that even long after […]

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