Mess Hall

The past week-plus, I felt like I was in the kitchen working on updating my web site. Much like how yesterday, many households were busy working in their homes preparing their annual Thanksgiving feast. Based on all the photos I viewed since yesterday, it seems that a whole lot of […]

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Discovering Georgetown (the one in the other Washington)

Took a bike stroll down to Georgetown, on good advice last night. On a stunning spring Seattle Friday afternoon, I ventured south along the Duwamish Bike Trail that snakes the Duwamish River. Navigationally, this river is one of several waterways in the area that create both natural paths, and potential barriers. If you want to […]

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Still. Moving. Stories.

All this stuff will soon see its way into a separately branded web site. I even have a logo for it. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the concept. It’s important to define it. After all,   “There is nothing worse that a sharp image of a […]

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