Street Photography

Discovering Georgetown (the one in the other Washington)

Took a bike stroll down to Georgetown, on good advice last night. On a stunning spring Seattle Friday afternoon, I ventured south along the Duwamish Bike Trail that snakes the Duwamish River. Navigationally, this river is one of several waterways in the area that create both natural paths, and potential barriers. If you want to […]

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Visually recording a record event

April 16th was national Record Store Day, a perfect match for a photo assignment for my composition and design class.  We needed to shoot at least 150 images and narrow them down to just five that were somehow linked to a series. What would be more natural than taking a […]

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How far do we go with way finding signage?

I suppose it’s safe to say that being sensitive to the visual environment that surrounds us is an occupational hazard of being a photographer. Having an acute consciousness of light, composition and moments to be captured come with the territory. As I write this, I’m so often distracted to look […]

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