Dancing the water’s edge

Dancing the water’s edge. The cast, the ledge. Backlit glow. Darkness below. Mountains draw their line. Earth and space defined. Morning’s pink. Day passes with a wink. Sunset reflections so bright.  Some draw shades to block sight. But is to look away to deny? Forgetting to ask, who am I? Yearning to the beyond. To be around what […]

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Reflections and Directions

With the tropics behind us, we headed north to the tundra’s bitter winter temperatures — for the warmth of home. High above the horizon, we looked downward and eastward — for a view of a stunning sunset. A reminder that origins and destinations are relevant. We come and we go. Traveling, like breathing, involves […]

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Best of My Photos of 2015 – Part 2: Pro Ultimate

Ultimate. It’s no reach to see that I love to shoot it. Since 2008, I’ve been able to cover games at state, national and world championships at all levels, youth, high school, club, and this year professional. I agreed to cover a number of games for Minnesota Wind Chill between May and […]

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