Discovering Georgetown (the one in the other Washington)

Took a bike stroll down to Georgetown, on good advice last night. On a stunning spring Seattle Friday afternoon, I ventured south along the Duwamish Bike Trail that snakes the Duwamish River. Navigationally, this river is one of several waterways in the area that create both natural paths, and potential barriers. If you want to […]

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iCarumba! (pronounced: [ˈai kaˈɾamba]), from the Spanish interjections ay (denoting surprise or pain) and caramba (a minced oath, a euphemism for carajo), is an exclamation used in Spanish to denote surprise when one’s iPhone is stollen. (This is a story about doing lines in Colombia. I could not the temptation to bring attention to this evening by using a classic and negative stereotype of organized […]

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Day one: Lon(un)don(e)

After a most wonderful week photographing the 2012 WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships in Dublin, my sights are refocused. Refocused from shooting a great week of sports and making new friends at the tournament and in the city pubs. Refocused to the big city. London. London. What can you say […]

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