The streets. It's where private lives and lived in the public eye. Where our dirty and clean laundry is hung out for the world to see. It's not always " pretty" but in reality, I think it's actually quite beautiful.

A walk down a street, into a building, and back out and around. Life is happening everywhere and sometimes when carrying a camera, people stop to take notice and smile. I'm always surprised when people are willing to have me take their picture. As an absolute stranger, I have nothing to offer in return except perhaps an acknowledgement of another's humanity. Maybe that's all any of us need.

So much is happening everywhere, all the time. But in some places, people live their lives outside, with a sense of vulnerability in revealing themself in full public view. Those are the places I most like to visit. Those are where the stories feel accessible.

Click Photo Galleries in the menu bar at the enter galleries. Just like street life, it's a work in progress. 
So please accept my apologies for the mess. for now.